January 9th, 2007

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Anyone else's pups chew on your hair? Like it's a piece of gum or something? Just come up and take a big chunk in their mouth and start chomping? It's crazy.... Not to mention a little disgusting. :-) And when you move away from them they look at you like, "What? Is there a problem with my choice of chewing material?"

Silly doggies.
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boston advice needed

I don't have a Boston yet, but in the future I definitely would love to have one. I think they are amazing dogs. In buying one should I go to a dog breeder or a dog shelter? My uncle swears by going to dog breeders. The breeder provides all the information about the dog and you can usually see the environment the puppy/dog grew up in. Is there any other information about picking a Boston that is important? I have never owned a dog because I was allergic and my mom did not want a dog in the house. I love Boston's and have been around Boston's before. I am no longer allergic. Thank you. :)
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Autumn 2010


Winston was a stink pot yesterday, so I gave him a bath after we played with his new toy (which is already almost destroyed). The plastic part is fine... but ropes + Winston = dead. Almost instantly.

Here mommay.. let me stick my tongue up your nose.

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