January 23rd, 2007

corset layingdwn


Lola is at the vet right now getting fixed. So nervous. Wish us luck.

Ps. Here are some updated photos.
I never posted a picture of Lola's bif ouchy on here so here it is. Now she just has a funny pink spot on her lip.

New hoody. I wanted the pink one but someone swiped her size in the 20mins it took me to get home and turn around and go return the wrong sized one I had. So I got the black one, even though it says rotten haha.

And her new food dish.
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boston terrier cute

Comments Highly Appreciated

Something is wrong with my Lulu Belle :(

Background info. Lulu lives with my boyfriend and I in Hollywood. She has her brother Hog who she has lived with since she was 6 weeks old. 

and also my boyfriends two labs.  All the dogs get along perfectly. They all love each other (well Phoenix is 11 so he is kinda grumpy :) ) On friday Lulu was sitting next to my boyfriend (who she is madlllllllllllyyyyyyyyy) in love with...)

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heard what?

Stinky farts!

Sassy has farts that could kill a horse! I don't know what to do about it other than change her food. Any reccomendations as to a good stink free food?
(no, really, her farts are so bad that when she passes gas the baby cries.. it is BAD)
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corset layingdwn

Spay update

So Lola made it through her spay fine and she is just sleepy and kind of drowsy but when I went to check her out and pay I had to pay for a shot, forget what its called but it was because her heartrate dropped once she was put under anesthesia. Has anyone else had their babys heartrate drop and need a shot from anesthesia?