January 26th, 2007


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I may be getting a new boston. He's a year old, the sweetest bosty ever, and the biggest boston I've ever seen. The people owned him and the sister, but the sister ended up only 12 pounds, while he is 21 pounds, so now they are moving and "have to" get rid of him, people.

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Bad Puppy

Suddenly, for no reason I can think of, Gambit is becoming a naughty puppy. He just hit 7 months yesterday, and he's suddenly incredibly rebellious.

I know that dogs can be destructive if left alone or bored, but the thing is that I can't leave Gambit by himself for TEN MINUTES without something horrible happening. Forget about having a shower, taking the laundry down to the basement (we live in an apartment) or penning him in the living room so I can lie down.

In the past 2 weeks, he has chewed the entire corner off the edge of the bed WHILE I WAS IN THE ROOM WITH HIM READING A BOOK! I was on the bed and he was playing at my feet with all his toys. Suddenly I look up and he has literally chewed the edge of our wooden bed. Like, a whole corner has been gnawed away, like a beaver!! He's also jumped up onto our entertainment unit (a good 3 feet off the ground), gone behind the tv, played with a few of our Wii remotes, and taken a set of batteries into his bed to play with (thank god I caught him before he could hurt himself!) - this happened while I was in the bathroom. Two days ago, he got up on the bed, up onto my pillow, and took my pain pills from off my nightstand. Fortunately, he didn't eat any of them, he got rid of the pills so he could chew the hell out of the bottle - made a neat little pile on the edge of the bed - I had an UNBELIEVABLE panic attack at that one. Yesterday, when I left for work at 8:30, he was asleep in bed. When my husband woke up at 9, Gambit had gotten up on to his nightstand and shredded a decorative floral arrangement I had put there.

I'm not sure what I should do. He gets love, affection and treats. He spends the day with Chris' Grandma so he's never alone for more than an hour, when she drops him off and he snoozes in his crate till I get home. He has about a bajillion dog toys, and I try to play with him as much as I can. I'm very busy at home but have no problem with him following me around, I talk to him like crazy and I'm always patting him and kissing him.But as soon as I go anywhere, like the bathroom, or wash the dishes, or use my laptop, he's there, whining about why am I not playing with him. Have I made him insecure???

Also, he peed in the house the past 2 days for the first time in 4 months. He had his last accident the last weekend in Septmeber when he was just a wee 3 month old baby. Since then we usually take him out every 3 to 4 hours, and he's been totally fine, not a single accident.

But then two nights ago, I walked him at 6:30, we came home, I figured I would walk him again around 9:30 (after my husband and I have dinner). At 9, I went into the bathroom and found a pile of pee all over the floor! And last night, we had company for dinner. Not even two hours after his walk, he boldly wandered through the group and pissed on the kitchen floor, then came to find me (I was lying down with a headache).

I. Don't. Understand. What. I'm. Doing. Wrong!! Maybe it's because the cold weather means he can't go for very long walks, usually just 5 or so minutes outside because it is minus 25 over here (that's like, um, I think, like 10-13 degrees Farenheit). I try to get him to chase his toys and play fetch to work out his energy but he doesn't like doing that more than a dozen times before he just quits, so I don't know how to get his "sillies" out.

Please help? Am I rotten mommy?
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dog park goodness!

pepper went to the dog park for the very first time last weekend (for the BT meetup group) and LOVED it! she was a little shy at times....but very friendly and social as she felt more comfortable. to make things even MORE exciting....we met her long lost baby brother that day! i got to talking to a couple with a boston who looked a lot like pepper....and for good reason! turns out they actually came from the same littler!!!


as you can see....she was a little more happy to see him than he was to see her :)