January 29th, 2007

Please help!

I have 2 boston terriers. Today I sent them outside to do their business and when they came back in my 4 year old boston was limping. Has anyone had a boston with a sprain? What do I do? I called the vet and told them what happened and they said it was probably a sprain. I feel completely helpless. He can walk on it but he is limping and you can tell that it bothers him. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated! I am going crazy. I hate seeing my baby in pain. Please help!!
purple w/ new moon

Hi, I'm new :)

I don't own a Boston Terrier myself, but my son and daughter-in-law do, and I stay over at their place every weekend, so their dogs are like my dogs by now.

They have a couple of registered Boston Terriers, named "Princess" and "Scrappy". P & S always are the first to greet me when I come to visit.
Princess is a sweet thing, but IMO Scrappy is a retard. Seriously he is still in the play-with-me-play-with-me-play-with-me! puppy stage, even though he is a daddy now.

Yes, they have pups, four of them, and they are the cutest darned things I ever saw. I get to take them out of their "nursery" (the laundry room, where they have a basket and play area) whenever I'm babysitting my two granddaughters, and we let the pups play king of the mountain, or rather, king of my head,.
I can't resist lying down to let them at my hair, which seems to hold a great attraction for them. I bout die of giggles every time. Sniffle-snuffle-growl-and-attack!

I don't know what it is about me that they like so much; I must smell like a hot dog or something.

Their "growls" crack me up. They sound more like a cross between a squeak and a purr. Those little mites think themselves very fierce.

Princess and Scrappy are just privately owned pets; this is no puppy-farm. It's Princess' first litter..my kids plan to let her have one more, later on, and then that's it.
BUT they would like to sell the puppies, which are now weaned. I guess Princess has had enough of their sharp little teeth.

So, here's my question: can you recommend a site where we could advertise them to responsible, loving owners? And quick before they decide to keep one..before you know it my son and his wife'll have a whole pack. My son is in the Air Force, so a leetle pack of Boston Terrors is not practical.

They/we live in the Coachella Valley of Southern California.