January 30th, 2007

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Dog Food Commercial

Hog got the job lol. We did our callback on sunday. We totally didn't hype up Lu. I feel so bad :(

They were just so interested in Hog dog. When they saw what he does to the ball that was the ticket right there to his stardom ;)

Then they were like what does Lulu do? I was like oh she beats up her brother.. Plays with the squeaky ball.. and we showed them her looking like a little jack rabbit bounding after the squeaky ball but what we SHOULD HAVE DONE was have Michael sit on the ground and get her all excited and she would have been doing her wiggle butt... Which is the funniest thing ever by the way because her butt is wiggling so hard her back legs fly out in all different directions and she looks like she is dancing.

So we want to kick ourselves all the time thinking about why we let Hog steal the show. They called us at 8am today and said they wanted Hogwarts for one day but they didn't know which day yet. Guess that means they don't want Michael and I for it either lol. Hog books a commercial before I do!!!!!!1111

Oh and it is for a brand of dog food called: "The Good Life." It's so new it's still in production. 

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