February 3rd, 2007

  • sarainc

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I got my first boston! An IT consultant at my office breeds them, and I happened to be looking for a pal for my beloved pete.

I forgot how much work puppies are! Have to keep an eye on them CONSTANTLY or little peepee presents will be delivered. I've heard bostons are hard to potty train... is that true? I've had her for roughly 48 hours and we've been accident free for the last 24. (knock on wood.) It's only due to my extreme paranoia and taking her outside every hour.


Hey everyone, I just wanted to share something, and inform people in case they were interested as well!

In the past topic, I noticed an icon in a reply of a painting/print I have hanging in my kitchen:

It is from Art.com. The actual print is located Here.

I just wanted to share, I love it!!! I know we all love bostie related items, and this one is rather cool!!