February 7th, 2007

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I've been a member of this community for quite some time. My mom has two Bostons and had another before that, so I've been madly in love with the breed for quite a while. I have had so much fun looking at everyone's photos and hearing stories and learning things here, but I also felt kind of left out because I had no Boston of my own. But now the stars have aligned and my boyfriend and I will be bringing home a Boston from a rescue on Sunday!

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boston terrier cute


Hog did his commercial on monday. He even had his own trailer he was such the star. The commercial is for The Good Life dog food.. I dont know when it comes out but I will let everyone know to look for it when I see it... 

He just went crazy over his ball the whole time. It was very easy :)

Here are some pics of my little star
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lainie's knees (again)

Lainie has now hurt her other knee. She won't sleep beside me anymore, even when I try to sleep on the floor to be near her. She still won't stop jumping up on furniture.

I honestly don't know what to do about this.
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Boston Psychology 101

Does anyone recommend any training techniques to help a toy-obsessed Boston Terrier?. I own a little 2 year old Boston named Kayti and is she a handful!. Unfortunately I don't own a camcorder, so it's hard for me to fully get across my point. She's obsessed with fetching just about anything. Toys, tennis balls, cow hooves, socks, sticks, you throw it and she'll try to retrieve no matter what it is. It's almost to the point where we seem to think she does, in fact, have a serious psychological issue regarding this. It's amazing and disturbing at the same time!. (laughs)

She'll be sound asleep, snoring, and I'll tiptoe absolutely soundless trying to put that favourite toy of hers away in a cabinet. No can do, she wakes up like the house is on fire and is ready to go all over again.

She'll put the toy on your lap and if you so much as move a centimeter, she'll flinch. Ignoring her or not. You can see her focus, her muscles tense. She'll stay that way for as long as two or more hours, even if you don't move, without walking away once or getting bored.

I've tried rolling the toy/object of attention off my lap and just let it drop to the floor as calmly as possible, consistently. She thinks this is also a very amusing game, and will either place it back on your lap or start whining.

I've seen methods of getting a dog used to distractions and tried to adapt a method from there. Whenever I throw the ball, as she's about to run after it, I coax her with a treat instead. Being the little pig she is, she's quite happy with this. I haven't tried this to it's fullest yet, so I'm not so sure about the outcome.

Living with my mother and grandmother, it's a little hard to develop a routine that all of us adhere to. I have my own personal views about training, and so do they.

Out of frustration or not, would it be cruel to take away her toys all together and only give them to her outside (where fetch should be placed, not in the hallway)?. Not the tug ropes she plays with my Wolfhound-mix, but the general fetchable objects she frequently brings to us?.

Pictures of my little puppylove later.