February 10th, 2007


Puppy Bowl

Rory had a wonderful time on Super Bowl Sunday. The game that got her really interested was the Puppy Bowl. She watched it for a good hour, until the cat halftime show came on, whereupon she got up in disinterest. Then when the puppies came back, she started watching again. So cute!

Ninja loves youtube

its so funny... when I saw "Ninja... wanna watch youtube?" he gets all excited, hops up on my lap and literally sits there and watches videos for quite some time. When he gets real excited he puts his nose super close to the screen...as u can see in one of the pictures. He also loves tv/movies with dogs or other lively things in it. I'm going to rent 8 Below soon just so he can watch it. We're going to have a movie night together soon. Ha ha.
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do any of your bostons do this?

ps. the white scratch on his nose is from our last boston terrier meetup where he was attacked by another male boston :( poor baby had two scratches on his nose, the scabs have now fallen off but he has 2 white marks from where the scabs fell off, eventually they will go away.