February 17th, 2007

beware of dog


Lainie is three today! I gave her some special treats, but, of course, she acted like it was nothing special - just what she deserved for being the princess, naturally.

I'm on a different computer, so no new pictures. Sorry.
paint thinner

chewing tips.

luna has been chewing everything up! i can't stand it anymore. she chewed up my brand new pair of shoes! she'll be 2 in may. i thought she was over the puppy chewing stage, but i guess not.
help! how can i get her to stop?
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Hazel and I headed to the fairgrounds today for the Pet Expo.

The Pet Expo is put on by the Jax Humane Society every year. A bunch of vendors (dog and cat rescue organizations, pet boutiques, agility and obedience clubs, ect.) all come out and set up tables. A ton of people come out with their dogs and it's a lot of fun. Brian had to work, and Zeke isn't a fan of big crowds... so we made it a girls day. It was chilly today, which probably wasn't good for my everlasting cold, but it was fun. We met four new Bostons today, and saw a three-legged Boston!

Hazel got to wear her rhinestone skull T-shirt.
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I'm fortunate to work in an office where dogs are... well, while not officially allowed... nobody minds when you bring one in. I've taken Violet to my office the past two Fridays. I barely see her throughout the day because somebody always wants to cuddle with her. Everyone adores her.

purple w/ new moon

Puppers (pics)

Well the girly pup has already found a home--with this childless couple who already have three other doggies of other breeds, so girly-pup gets to have a ready-made fambly with her "sisters"

Anyway, the three boys of my kids' Boston Terror litter are still with us, making the world safe from my feet, which they seem to think are fair game whenver I visit..


I wish I could get more pictures, like when they peek over the edge of the couch hoping for some bit of my popcorn..but nearly every time I aim the camera, they move too fast and I'm left with a shot of nothing but the rug.

We are trying to refrain from naming them, since they are going out to new homes (not a done deal yet, but there have been many inquiries and after all the little guys are just 8 wks)
we can't help giving them temporary names:
the half-white-faced one we call "Half n half" (Haffy for short)
and one of the others is Scrappy Jr., although I can never tell for sure which.

They are indeed my grandpuppies--my granddaughter has observed, "They like you, Nana!"-- and they crack me up.