February 28th, 2007


My darling Henry has a problem with marking his territory all over our house. He has no problem with lifting his leg and peeing on doorways, laundry baskets full of clean clothes, the dishwasher...It is really taking a toll on Steve and I so I brought it up at Henry's recent vet appointment. Since he is neutered and it didn't seem to help the vet has advised us to consider a mild anti-depressant. He feels that this will not change Henry's demeanor or personality but will serve to just mellow him out enough to make him care less about his territory and therefore stop marking in the house. Any thoughts on this? The vet has said that this will hopefully be short term and we can hope to gradually lower the dose and taper him off the medicine. The vet is currently researching what drug/dosage so I do not have any specifics yet. 2 different coworkers have done this with their cats and were successful. Any opinions on this?
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Turbo Circles?

Does anyone's Boston do this???

Abby will be sitting on the floor and then all of a sudden she will quickly get up and quickly walk around the room in a circle and then land herself right back to where she was sitting!

She just gets up and runs around in a circle, mach 3, and then sit back down where she originally started.

It's funny, and cute. We says she's having a schizo moment.
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two young bostons (boy, girl) need a new home. old man can't care for them anymore due to his health. he also has a young westie and cairn terrier. why an old man would get so many young dogs, i dont know...

this little puppy breaks my heart... she was born blind. i can't really tell from the pictures but it looks like her eyes didn't develop. if the link doesn't work, you can also read about her here)