March 1st, 2007




My husband and I just adopted a 2yr old Boston named Wilbur.
Wilbur was more than just a pet in the last household, they treated him LITERALLY like a human child... he ate human food almost exclusively (she made him a hot dog and a hamburger everyday for dinner!), he slept under the covers in bed, and was only bathed with human shampoo.

*sigh* Poor thing, so I'm glad we were able to adopt him... but I am having difficulty with switching him to actual dog food.
The only thing he wants to eat now is ALPO... and since I actually care about my dog, I can't in good mind do that.
He won't eat dry food... We have tried Nutro Lamb and Rice mini chunks, and Blue in Fish and sweet potato and buffalo both.... no luck. I even tried going raw diet with him... but apparently he is the ONLY DOG EVER who doesnt like raw meat. He just won't eat a normal doggy diet.

Now I know dogs won't starve themselves... (i have only been putting down the dry food to try and force him to eat it)... but at what point should I be worried that he won't eat? I have been trying to be good and not cave to his sad little face... but I'm not sure I can take it much longer!

Suggestions... tips....
(our other dog only eats dry)

Here's the little guy so it's not text only!
Thanks in advance!

Disconnected/Blow my mind

Howling BT.

I swear my BT is turning into Beagle-dog. He loves to sit in the window and watch everything outside. Everytime he hears something out of the ordinary or sees someone walk by he gets up and howls "woof-woof-hahaoowowooowl"
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