March 6th, 2007

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Welcome Wagon...ish...thing.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I would very much like to introduce you to the newest member of my family: Riley. He joins us after his mother's owner discovered she was moving, and could not afford to bring the mother AND the litter. The wee ones were weaned, then sold. We found the last of the lot. He was originally to come home on the 10th, but as the owners were making a weekend trip into town anyway, they simply brought him with them. He's adjusting admirably, though he's a bit of a nibbler. Training has already begun to break him of nibbling what he shouldn't, while he goes in for nose-opening and neutering as soon as he's old enough.

(Is the nose-surgery thing something that's commonly recommended for Bostons, or is it just an every-so-often sort of thing? I know one of our previous dogs had it done, and I'm definitely for Riley getting it done, as it doesn't sound like he's having the best of times breathing through his nose, but I figured I'd ask while I was here.)

Bald Bostons?

Does anyone here have a Boston that's going bald? 
My Boston has a little bald spot on her tail and it's getting bigger.
I'm wondering if I should be concerned or if it's a normal occurance.
She's 4 and is healthy.

**Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I'll make her an opt. with her vet asap.

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