March 12th, 2007

Autumn 2010


You'd think this would get old. Nope. Still funny -- every single time.

It's even better with the double snarl -- hard to get a picture of though. I'll work on it.

Hi, my name is Hannah and I'm an idiot.

Color me confused, but I don't understand the concept of a Kong.... I mean, I get it that you put treats and stuff inside it, but that's where I get lost. If you put treats in there, won't they fall out?! And if you put peanut butter-type stuff in there, how do the doggins get it out?! Wouldn't it just rot and smell bad? And I know some people put frozen bananas in it and let their pups have at it that way, but wouldn't the stuff just seep out and make a mess on the floor as it melts?

I'm sure Fig would LOVE it, but I just don't understand how they work.... Can someone help me? :-)
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Boston's Rule

Dogger bone...

This is the humongous rawhide that the doggers got from Santa.  They licked all of the peanut butter basting from it... they won't chew it!  So now I slather peanut butter on it and in the crevices of the knots on each end and it keeps them busy for hours... they don't even realized that I've left the house!!!

Prancer update

around the first week of feb. i posted about a boston terrier named prancer that i was fostering, i asked about high fiber foods to help with his loose poopies.

His poops are good now. Thank you for all that helped me with that.

And since the last post, i have now adopted prancer. I tried not to fall in love, but i couldn't help it.

Here are some pics of my little man.
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trendy pup
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he's a love biter
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sleeps hard
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His first beach trip with his roommate suzie the weenie

Anyone else have a boston with a tail?
His is pretty long
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