March 13th, 2007

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Wilbur is my 1 year old Boston dude :)
He's pretty timid as far as Boston's go. He loves food and sleep and he LOVES to give kisses.
However, he's very OBSESSIVE with his kisses. If he sees you, he's kissing you. If you brush him off or tell him no, he'll wait until you're off guard and just go to kiss you again.
If you completely reject him, he'll resort to licking your arm, leg, shoe.... whatever he can get his huge shovel like tongue on!

I love him dearly and I do love his kisses but sheesh!! :)
Anyone else dealing with an overly affectionate baby?

Cuz Fun

We have two budgies and we cover them with a sheet at night. I left the sheet on the floor by accident this morning and Gambit is playing with it.

The game? Tuck in the cuz, untuck the cuz. Tuck in the cuz, untuck the cuz. He wraps it in the sheet, then tries to find it again. It's SO funny.

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Any other Bostons have an obsession with burying bones, but are absolutely horrible at it? Fig MUST bury every rawhide I give her before she sits down to enjoy it. Corners of couches are a favorite spot. She tries to shove the leather (or blankets) around it to cover it completely.

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Kermie Video!

My hubby, Kermie and I went to his parents house this weekend. Kermit loves her "cousin" Lily the pit bull. They get along great as Kermie thinks she is a mini pit bull and Lily thinks she is a big Boston (and a lap dog!) ha ha. Here they are running around the yard. Kermie was too fast for Lily. :)