March 26th, 2007


Fig update

My little Fig-tail is going to be fine! We got bloodwork done over the weekend and found that she has epilepsy. I'm relieved because at least now we know what caused the seizure and can treat the problem. She's on phenobarbitol (don't know how to spell it and am too lazy to look it up, sorry) and is doing fine so far. I'm very much relieved.
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(no subject)

my 7 month old boston eats his own poop. he's been doing it for months and it's DISGUSTING. i've heard this is an actual condition and not entirely uncommon. i went to petsmart and bought him some pills that said it would make him stop. after one day on the pills he had some serious diarrhea and was acting SUPER weird. we took him to the vet but the doc said all of his vitals were normal. needless to say i stopped giving him the pills.

but he's still eating his poop.

does anyone have any suggestions to help me out?