April 13th, 2007

corset layingdwn

Ms. Lola Update

She's got to go on all kinds of adventures lately. As long as they involve new people and maybe some dogs- shes stoked.
Once again she was in the car for a mishap. This time she had her puppy belt on so she was all safe this time. But definately isnt too fond of the car now that its when shes with me that things happen. Atleast this flat tire was A LOT less dramatic then the car wreck.
I think she may be slowly turning completely brindle. She has always had a few little brindle brown spots, but there are more little spots popping up everything. Anyone have a Boston that started off black and turned brindle?
Her and my parents dog love eachother. I dont know what they are gonna do when Lola and I move away again this summer.
Theres no way I can leave her behind, so maybe Ill just get another Boston :)

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