April 28th, 2007

shake dog shake

We're finally in NJ

I'm not sure if anyone remember, but Fizzgig, me and the kitties are now in New Jersey taking care of my mother. I have'nt had the opportunity to take many pictures yet, but I wanted to post the ones I have taken. It is a huge house but for whatever reason I don't have any backyard or action shots yet.

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Jealousy Issues

Harmony and Cookie's jealousy issues seem to be getting worse, especially when other people are around. Cookie never plays with toys, unless she decides she wants what Harmony is playing with and then they fight over it. They will both get one end and growl and tug so hard their gums sometimes bleed. And it's really hard for us to get the toy away, and even after we do they often continue fighting for a period. They haven't bitten each other, but Harmony did scratch Cookie's eye once, and we're worried ones really going to get hurt one day. I'm just wondering if any of you have gone through this and have any advice? Most of the time they're fine and they'll even snuggle together to sleep, but they're jealousy seems to becoming more frequent. Thanks in advance!