May 16th, 2007


Help/suggestions for web site

Ok, so, I'm going to create a website with lots and lots of photos of my Justin boy. *tee hee*
BUT, I was also hoping to include other Bostons as well. I was thinking a fun site based on the coolest dogs ever. I was thinking photos and stories. Who doesn't like writing about their furr babies? I wanted to have a photo of the month thing as well. SO, I was hoping people could send me photos and stories!!

I'm trying to think of cool things to add to the site. Any one have suggestions? Maybe health tips? If so, I'm sure there are soooo many people here that can help.

Thanks so much for your help!!
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The pups!
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Why did you get your dog?

Someone brought this up in another community I'm in and I thought I'd post it here...

What made you get the dog you got? Why did you go with this breed? Why did you select your dog in particular? Was it a look in his or her eye? Was there something you were looking for in particular (color, for example) that made you select the dog you did? Was it an impulse buy from a shelter/rescue site/breeder or did you select your dog based on lots and lots of research?

Bottom line... why is your dog best for you?

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