June 2nd, 2007

evil bostons?

I can't help but notice that nearly everytime we get our guy together with other Bostons, there are always numerous evil ones! Ones that are clearly trying to attack other dogs. Up until yesterday, I had always encountered them as females.

We went to look at a Boston that was being given away for free (shock) to a good home, and we had been looking to expand our Boston family. Holy crap this dog was pure evil!!! I've never seen my little guy so scared in his life!!! I don't really understand why. He lived with like 6 other dogs. I guess I can understand why, maybe this was his chance to bully a dog. Plus they were both males, but who knows.

Of course, we did not adopt that dog.

Has anyone else had an experiences where other bostons (or maybe even yours?) is just completely off the wall in a bad way?

It makes me want to just get a puppy, but I was trying to do a good thing by adopting. I don't want my current baby messed up in this process. Maybe he was meant to be an only child...