June 6th, 2007

Bad Boy (ARGH)

Gambit was a bad boy today, as we've just discovered. He is not our only pet; we also have two budgies and a hedgehog. Normally, Gambit is fine with these animals, because usually they are pretty independent and don't require a lot of people attention. Today, though, we had the hedgehog out because he's getting older and getting sick and we were bathing him and playing with him a bit to get him to exercise and Gambit seemed pretty pissed off that we were ignoring him. I didn't want him to get too close because I was afraid he'd get prickled, so I kept him at arm's length. He stormed away for a while and then came back and all seemed ok and we made friends again.

My husband just realised that Gambit pissed all over our bed.

Little bugger! I'm SO sure that he did it when he was mad at us. I can't believe it. It hasn't even been four hours since his last trip outside and he's held it for twice that length of time, no problem. And what's worse is that he did it long enough ago (about 3 hours) that there is no point punishing or scolding him about it because it won't register.

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