June 22nd, 2007

summer 08

I think the dog gods hate me

Bailey has been so sick since we brought her home on Saturday. She caught coccidia (parasite that causes nasty diarreah) and conjunctivitis from other foster puppies, and now she's come down with a horrible respitory infection (also from the rescue). Whenever she moves she starts wheezing, coughing, sneezing & dry-heaving on her pleghm. Oh, she's also having a slight reaction to the sutures at her spay site. Poor baby :(

And now Baxter's starting to wheeze & cough. Looks like his kennel cough vaccine doesn't cover this strain & I started the immune boosters too late with him.

I hate seeing my pups sick like this. Off to run a hot shower & stick them in the steam to loosen things up a bit. Any other at-home ideas? (Bailey is on an antibiotic & if Baxter continues he'll be off to the vet tomorrow)