June 25th, 2007

beware of dog

attitude problem

Lainie has a serious attitude problem. She thinks that she is not a dog; she thinks that she is the dog, the only dog, and that all other dogs are to be exterminated.

I raised her with another dog, Pepper, but now that Pepper's been dead a couple of years, Lainie can't get along with any other dog.

We just acquired a new dog, a "yard dog," thank God, but Lainie won't stop barking at her and just can't get used to her.

Any advice on how to get the princess to get along with the lowly commoners? (Her words, not mine.)

Her royal highness.
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would you risk a 25% chance of DEATH?!

Okay... so...

Prancer has a neurological disorder. His birth mom was in labor for 8 hours before someone took her to the vet. So he came out wiggly. And he is on phenobaritol for seizuers.

SOOO because we don't really know WHAT is going on in his brain.... two vets that have seen prancer said that getting him fixed probably isn't a good idea. There is about a 25% chance of death going under...

SOOOOO i've kept the balls so far... but latly he has been getting more and more aggressive towards other intact males, and my roommates springer pup (who isn't intact!) it's reallllly frustrating and i'm worried that he will start shit with the wrong dog and really get hurt. cause once he starts a fight i have to pull him out cause he will not give up!!!


would you risk the 25% chance of death?!

do you think keeping the balls could be a BIGGER chance of death if he gets in a bad fight?! i don't know what to do!!

i also read about "neutersol" an injection alternitive... i'm going to ask my vet about it tomorrow....
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