June 28th, 2007

My Max Moo

Has the greatest facial expressions.
Which, I guess is common, but oooh she's MY Max Moo. :)

Oh no, with the flashy thingie and you making with the dumb make out faces, Tori, please...but you'll scritch my ears!?

The ear scritching was not worth this!
boston terrier cute

Luere Manure

I am worried about my Lulu!!!! All of a sudden she is really skinny or Hog dog is really fat. When we came back from FL the first thing I thought was Hog looked wayyyy fat!!! 

Gradually since we have been home Lulu seems to be skinnier and skinnier. I was going to take her to the vet today but she seems not as skinny today. Still hella skinny just not as skinny...

I never see her eat.. I never see any of the dogs eat really. Just Hog and Phoenix. They always have food in their bowls. Michael has caught her eating at 2am before so I think she is a late night eater. She is pooping so obviously she is eating. 

I am wondering if she is so skinny because her brother found a new bestfriend? Hog & Onyx are always together. Always playing, always arguing, always cuddling etc. So maybe she is hurt Hog found someone else? 

I took pics of her the other day. Tell me if she looks sickly or am I just being a worry wart?

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