July 2nd, 2007

peppy & me

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pepper insists on laying in the sun....but she gets SO HOT when she does it! after a nice sun nap on sunday afternoon, she came inside and sprawled out on the cool couch with one leg extended. it was such a funny pose :)

one more...



For the past couple of days I had noticed April's ear was a little bit red and seemed to be very dirty. A few times when petting her she would let out a little yelp but she's quite a DIVA so we thought maybe she was just being a wuss with a dirty ear. After I cleaned it out she seemed fine but we decided to take her to the Vet first thing Monday morning. As it turns out she has an ear infection and our Vet said from looking at her pinkish paws, irritated belly skin, and the hair loss on her neck (from her collar), that she looks to have very sensitive skin. But that's old news.

We then decided to ask a very obvious question.

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