July 8th, 2007

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Leash help

Any tips for leash training?
Maple will not walk on a leash if her life depended on it. She would rather die.
In puppy class they taught us to just look forward and keep walking, even if the dogs stop. But Maple just gets dragged.
Tips? Ideas? She wont even walk on the leash in the house or on the driveway.

And Maple has actually been going in her crate on her own when she is sleepy, so thats a good sign.

And Lola turned one the beginning of last month. I missed it and felt horrible cause I hadnt checked her little registry thing soon enough to see her birthdate.
So I bought her a little hat.

*And our thoughts go out to Lulu and Gen. We are hoping for the best for miss Lulu
dog: Lulu Belle

Lulu Belle

so I am pretty much freaking out.... 

we just got home from seeing Lulu. We went there at 9am and she was ok. Not well by any means but she looked happy to see us and went on a walk with us. Then we go back at 2 and she woudlnt move. She started doing those hiccup convulsion things again. I was freaking out and there was no doctor there. Just a girl who cleans the cages and knows how to hook up her IV.

The girl was going to leave at 5pm and there would be NO ONE THERE until 7am! No way could I leave Lulu for that long. The dr said she needed to be taken out every couple of hours to pee and get the toxins out of her body.

So we took her to the emergency vet. She didnt even care we were getting in the car.. she is so sad. The dr felt her belly and she cried. So now they are going to do x-rays and see if she has any stones that are interferring with her kidneys.

The dr also said her vitals looked good which was reassuring because i felt like at any second she would just stop breathing. They are taking xrays now and doing more blood work. So tommorow morning we will find out if her blood looks better.

She is so tough and is normally such a fighter but the last time we saw her she looked like she didnt care anymore. She wouldnt even focus her little hazel eyes on me. I dont know if she just wouldnt move because she is in a lot of pain and bored and depressed.. or if shes like about to die or something. 

I didnt like the emergency vet people. they werent very nice. The dr was... but it is a 24 hour vet and there will always be a dr there. no way could i leave her at the vet i do like from 5pm-7am without going potty... that just kills me they were going to leave her for that long...she needs to pee as much as possible to get rid of the toxins.. 

so now i have no idea what to do in the morning. do i keep her at the emergency vet for however many days? do i take her back to the vet i like? but then she will be left alone at night? i guess we will see when we go back tonight.. see how nice they are being and how she looks and see what her cage set up looks like.. 

i am so scared if i hear a phone ring because i think its the vet calling to tell me she died. I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT HER. everytime i go to get Hog's leash and collar I accidently grab hers as well and its so depressing.. i havent even been able to give Hog and love because he makes me sad.. all i think about is Lulu when I see him.. If she died what would i do with all her things? her leash hanging on the wall on the boston plaque that says Lulu Belle. Her crate with her 3 different pink blankets and her purple water bottle. Her dog food stand that is pink with princess crowns... how can i go on??

i just want someone to tell me she isnt going to die but no one is saying that... i want to hear positive things but i get nothing. this is the most horribel thing i have ever been through. i have had animals die before but they were old... it was there time. LULU TURNED TWO JUNE 23RD. why is this happeneing?

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we spent an hour with Lulu tonight. she was drugged up so she just kind of layed there. I talked to her and sang songs to her. she seemed to like it.. she looked restless before i did that... wouldnt close her eyes. but as soon as i started talking to her and singing she would close her little eyes. 

She is going to be on a morphin drip now for pain :(

They think she got poisoned.. like snail bait or something because her twitching is nuerological. But I dont think so. Her skinnyness and depression started about a month ago. Yes she didnt start her shaking and convulsing until thursday.. but the bad breath was like 2-3 weeks ago... 

So I guess she has chronic kidney failure.. still dont know why. They didnt find anything in her xrays. My poor baby is SO SKINNY. If her blood tests are bad they will do an ultrasound. they are kind of confused by the pain she seems to be in.. so they want to look at her pancrease too.. we will also get her urine culture back tommorrow as well... so now all we can do is wait till tommorow. 

we got to listen to heart. It was beating like a champ. Please little Lu don't die on me.
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