July 9th, 2007


We haven't updated about Patrick in forever...so I thought it was about time.

He recently received a shirt from his grandparents.

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Also, there seems to be an awful lot of sick BT's this week. We'll be thinking of you all and hoping your pups get better.
dog: Lulu Belle

Lulu 7-9-07

we walked into to the vet to see Lulu today expecting the worse and she was actually happy to see us! she was wiggling around and kissing us and doing her dancing she does at us. we were soooo happy so we took some videos and pictures. [Error: close lj-embed tag without open tag]
She is now under the care of an internal specialist. She is at the same vet office just under the care of a different doctor that specializes in this type of thing. He is going to do an ultra sound on her today and should get back to us around 5. He also mentioned he wanted to try and do a cathater sp? (pee tube) with her but didnt know if it would be possible because she is a little dog. That way they can see how much urine is coming out etc.
I am really starting to think Lulu was born with bad kidneys. He said if she has always been peeing a ton and always drank a bunch of water that right there is a major kidney sign. I have always told every vet she has ever been to the same thing but I guess they didnt put it together. He should be able to see on the ultrasound what is going on. We will get her blood results back today too. But they took that sample last night when she was really sick... so i am sure they will still be bad. they took another one today when she was acting better so hopefully the results we will get back tommorow will be good.
They did an "in house" test on her last night and her levels were still really high and they hadnt gone down at all...
So if her kidneys are unreparable I dont know what happens then.... we just wait till she passes away? What happens to dogs that are born with bad kidneys? Anyone know? I am waiting until I know for sure this is the case but if she was born with bad ones i am going to go so crazy on her breeder. Imagine how many puppies she is selling like this. It is sickening to think about.
We are up to about $5,000 in vet bills for my girl. I will pay infinity amount I just want her to get better. Some people asked if I had a paypal account so I went ahead and made one. If you want to donate anything helps :) 

I will make a seperate post with the button
Thank you so much everyone for being there for us and Lulu. I really think all your positive vibes you are sending her are truly helping!!
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summer 08

Off to the e-vet in a little bit...

Baxter's been throwing up since yesterday morning. I thought he had gotten better, but he just vomited his boiled chicken. I have a feeling this may have to do with his devouring Bailey's entire bully stick on Saturday night. I really really hope its just a bug, but I'd rather be safe than sorry if it is a blockage. Whatever it is I hope he gets better soon...

I am so tired of seeing my babies sick, not to mention the vet bills :( I knew I should have called for insurance last week. We still have a lot of Bailey's pneumonia bills on credit cards. Too bad vet bills aren't tax deductible :(

Send some good thoughts my little guys way please!
dog: Lulu Belle

Lulu Belle

We talked to the internal specialist. He did her ultra sound and her kidneys are so badly deformed that they hardly resemble kidneys. My little girl is going to die. We just hope she can keep on living for as long as possible. She has to stay at the vet until we can stabalize her toxin levels. Then we will bring her home and put her on a low protein diet with some injections.

I am so distraught. I don't know what to think or do. I called her breeder and she answered. I said it was Genevieve with Lulu and she said oh yeah. I said Lulu is dying from kidney failure because her kidneys are so deformed they dont even look like kidneys. She said oh honey what am i supposed to do?!

I said dont breed dogs with hereditary kidney problems!! she said there is no test for that and hung up on me. This is just so sad to me because I have always told every vet she ever had that she peed a ton, drank tons of water, and had smelly breath.  They should have done an ultra sound then and yeah they wouldnt have been able to save her but at least she would have been on a low protien diet this entire time.. maybe it would have prolonged her life. 

They say she has a couple weeks to a couple months left. I am going to die without my Lulu
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Albus' Eye

Albus has a small opaque spot on one of his eyes.  It's tiny and I have to hold him to see it, but it's there.  His eye isn't watering or irritated looking and he isn't scratching at it.  I'm not sure what it is or what caused it.  At first i thought he just had something in his eye but it won't wipe away.

Anyone have any thoughts on what this is?  He has a vet appointment tomorrow afternoon, but I'm just curious if anyone knows what they might tell me.  I went ahead and made an appointment this morning because I figured when it comes to his eyes I'd rather be safe than sorry.

tear stains and itchies! need TIPS!


So My Precious has started itching. I only notice her doing it at bed time, and in the morning when she wakes up. She is starting to miss hair on her shoulders grom scratching, she is getting stains on her front arms from chewing, and she chews on her back legs.... sooooo far i have taken chicken out of her diet cause i herd it's an alergin food. She gets hypo shampooings 2 times a week. I just bought hypo laundry soap... what else should i change to be more hypo friendly? she is seeing the vet friday for her rabies shot, so i'm going to ask him more about it then also.


she is getting tear stains. She gets a bath twice a week but i guess that isn't enough. i bought tear stain eye wipes today to start doing daily but i herd there is something i can add to her food. anyone use a food suppliment that works? i also herd chicken can cause bad tear stains, but as i said above, thats out of her diet now.
summer 08

Baxter update

Well x-rays looked good- no visible signs of blockage which was a huge relief. They gave him some fluids because he was dehydrated and 2 anti-nausea shots. He's been passed out on the couch since we got home. No food or water until tomorrow morning when I can start introducing it a tablespoon at a time (that should be interesting! He's such a little piggy). No doggy daycare tomorrow!
Thanks for all the well wishes. I'm glad it doesn't appear to be anything serious (if it continues though that means lots of tests, etc.), even if it did cost me $350. At least we have clear baseline x-rays in case god forbid we have to compare them to something. Bailey's already scheduled to go to the vet this week for a shot, so I'm sure Baxter will be tagging along for a check up!
eight year old me

boston (mix?) for adoption in louisiana

Every once in awhile, I check the pets section on Craigslist (Baton Rouge). This was posted recently and I thought I'd pass it on:

5 month Boston Terrier for Adoption

Reply to: comm-368538295@craigslist.org
Date: 2007-07-07, 11:19AM CDT

I am trying to find a loving home for my 5 month boston terrier (who is not fixed yet). I will be moving soon and starting a new job which will not allow me to give her the proper attention a boston terrier needs!

She would do great with a yard and she loves other dogs!

She loves to play and has great character!!

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