July 11th, 2007

boston terrier cute

Lulu Update

I just posted an update with tons of pics but youtube always screws up my posts!! 

So we saw Lulu last night and this morning. She was very happy. We brought her toys and she even did the "death shake" with them :) We got to take her for a walk and you would never know she is sick. Poor baby. I could hardley keep up with her really. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO DONATED AND EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT DONATING BUT THEY COULDN'T. 

That is so helpful and it is keeping me from totally losing it. Normally I would be FLIPPING out knowing I owed 5,000$ to a vet but im so consumed with worrying about Lulu I can't even think about that. Knowing you guys are donating is keeping me sane. I really think all of your prayers and thoughts are making her better!

We get her blood results today and i pray so much that her levels have gone down. I want to take her home!! Im going to make a seperate post with her videos I took last night. I dont want it to delete everything i wrote again. But I will post her pics here. 

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I want to get her name, Lulu Belle tattoed on me small as possible on the inside of my wrist. It is just hard because I model and i know i am already missing out on some jobs because of the tattoo on my lower back. On auditons they always have you show your hands, front and back when you slate. 

Do you think it could be covered up with makeup? I want in on the inside of my wrist because I would always be able to see it. Maybe add some teeny angel wings to it too :)
boston terrier cute

Lulu's Levels

So Lulu's levels aren't good at all. Her creatinine level on friday when we rushed her to the vet was a 13. Today it's a 12. She has only gone down 1 since she has been on an IV since friday. Not good at all. For a normal dog a good creatinine level would be a 2 or lower. For a dog with kidney failure a good level would be a 4. 

This is so not good. We are going to keep her there another day I guess. The dr said she cant stay on the IV forever.. He said she looks very good and shes in good spirits but her levels arent good at all. She also has mild pancreaitis.. there is no cure for that.. so that is why it hurts her when she eats. 

Once her kidneys start functioning again her pancrease will too... ugh i was hoping for good news. The dr also said her ultrasound images were the worse he has seen in a very long time :(

So we will keep her there another day. Pray for her levels to go down more. Then we will take her home and start fluids under the skin. I don't think she will make it long though living with her levels so high. My poor sweet girl. This is horrible.
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Bostons with CHF

Any body else here have a boston that has/had CHF?
Sassy has it, and we were told a year ago next month that we would be lucky if she lasted two weeks. 

And its been nearly a year. Shes still fine. She doesnt even seem to have gotton any worse. She takes medication twice a day, and does really well on it. I guess I am just wondering if CHF shows as a slow decline, and I will see it, or if its sudden? Shes 17, so shes pretty well up there.