July 16th, 2007

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Update: Lulu

Hi everyone. Sorry to keep you anxiously awaiting a Lulu update. Lulu came home friday evening. The vet taught us how to do her iv injections and she gets them twice a day. We have to stick an 18 gage needle into our baby :(

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I still haven't done it yet. I play nurse while Michael plays doctor... I don't know how he does it without passing out. Her other medications include a phosphorous binder, fish pills, B complex, vitamin e, high blodd pressure pills, and pepcid ac.

So friday evening she was sooooooooooooooo tired she was out like a log. Same with saturday. Saturday night she wasnt doing too well. Did a couple convulsions and woke us up throwing up quite a few times. We asked the vet what to look for to tell when it's her time to go.. Because dying of chronic renal failure is a slow process. The vet said throwing up and diahrea. 

So I was terrified. She was throwing up and when I walked her she had diahrea :(

She seemed bouncy on her walk and even walked at a normal pace (normally she is like a turtle) She even ate  a little breakfast. So she seemed a lot better and we took her and Hog to the beach. 
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We are having a lot of trouble getting her to eat. After the beach yesterday we got food then went to a park to eat it. Lulu was actually begging for our chicken... It was shocking she was begging. She is on a low protein diet but we gave her like 3 teeny bites of chicken anyways... because she wont eat so if there is something she willl then it's hard not to give it to her. 

Last night we cooked rice for her with her special wet food. She wouldnt eat it. We bought her all different kinds of baby food. She wouldnt eat it... She also hasn't gone on her own to drink water one time since she has been home. We put it in a cup and offer it to her and most of the time she will drink it. 

She wouldnt drink any this morning so I took her syringe I have for putting liquid medicine in her mouth and filled it with water and just put it in her mouth. Then i opened up the baby food jar containing peach, banana, and rice and also put that in the syringe and just kept on putting it in her mouth.... 

Only way I can get food in her! It worked well. She didnt fight me at all... Hated it but didnt fight me... So baby food it is for Lulu. At least we bought her a variety :)

If anyone is bored and knows how to make icons I would loveeeeeeeeeeeeee to have any of these pics as an icon.... I suck at it...
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