July 20th, 2007

Autumn 2010

more alien dog face.

First, I want to send more love out to Lulu's family -- G you are such a good mom to your pups and she's had a fabulous life because of you.

Now, I'm hoping that maybe, since it's been a sad few weeks, I could post some pictures that I hope will get a smile or too. Winston falls asleep with his eyes and mouth open sometimes and looks like a little alien face. He is COMPLETELY asleep and snoring in these pictures. What a nutter.

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Lulu - A Tribute

Not sure if it's too soon to post this but I thought it would be a good way to look back and celebrate Lulu's life and the love she brought to it. I know all of us are saddened by reading about Lulu today, so using some photos and video clips I made a film for her and her family who made her life so precious. I just want to say how sorry I am for your loss and to take comfort in that you made this sweet little angel's life so beautiful just by being her family.

With love,
Angela, Chris, and Harley

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For the next month.

I want to extend a very special offer- now, I am doing this without the permission of alwaysgenevieve, but I know how hard it is to deal with the remainder of the high vet bills once someone we love has passed. Being as I cannot donate a super huge amount of money, myself, I would like to do this.
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I should have put this in the info, I honestly was half awake when I posted:
Shipping and handling goes to captain_reckless_velocity@yahoo.com, all details including shipping and photo refs go to toriyote@yahoo.com
for updates and preview sketches join uiu_art
Thanks you guys, honestly. I feel so much better knowing I can do at least this small thing to help them. :)


I just can't thank everyone enough.   The support of this community and other community is so wonderful.   It really does help with the incredible pain of losing Lulubelle.
Genevieve is here now, she's gone to SF for castings but I know she feels the exact same way.  It's hard for her to read stuff right now as it just makes her cry all over again.
Without your support and the donations I can't imagine how horrible it would be.
It's very strange having all the dogs here and not my lulubelle.  I can picture her running thru the house with her little wiggle butt.  She was always so very loving and sweet.
thank you thank you, we love you guys and this community feels like family to us.
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Snorky + friends

Just some cute pictures I recently took:
Snorks (April) let me paint her nails the other day (Mackenzie, my dachshund, on the other hand was having NONE of this nail-painting business and promptly tried to bite my thumb off). This pic was taken when Dad was changing a light bulb in the living room and April tried her hardest to help out.

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