July 21st, 2007


I'm just curious because I am not sure if this is cause for concern or just normal doggie antics.  Harley recently has been turning her nose up at her food.  She's always been nitpicky about eating.  She'll only eat when someone was closeby or when the cat was up on the counter eating his food.  When she does eat she picks a few bits and brings them from the bowl to the floor and eats that way.  I tend to think more and more she was the runt, the one who had been pushed away from her food as a baby.  Because she'd become so uninterested in her Beneful food I went and tried a new brand and mixed it in with her current to see if she'd give it a go.  She took one whiff and turned away.  Amazingly though the cat came over and went right in for a bite of her DOG food lol.  Being totally non food aggressive she just sat there and watched Leo eating her food.  Well, long story short just to see if it was an eating problem I tried giving her a milkbone.  She's crazy over her milkbones, she'll eat those no problem.  Little snippets of lunch meat or peanut butter (the only way I can get her to take her allergy pill) she eats up no prob.  

Has anyone else's doggy done this with their food after eating the same type for well over a year?  If so how do you go about either getting them to eat or finding them food they will eat?  I'm always real cautious with dog food ever since that whole fiasco with the one manufacturer's huge recall due to poison in the food.  I don't want to get her something that may taste good but be bad for her.  She's a spoiled little girl everyone says this is totally my fault, lol, but I just want my baby to eat her food without me laying next to her bowl and picking it out piece by piece for her.
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And something that will hopefully give you all a giggle.
I have updated uiu_art with one of the commissions from yesterday as well as something I am doing for a convention. Feel free no please please I am begging you to! join and check it out. I've switched to unmoderated, so no waiting. I should be posting _simplyinlove's sketch sometime tonight to that same post.
If you have NO IDEA what I am talking about, please go here. It looks like we've raised about seventy or eighty dollars, thus far, let's see if we can't help them out a little more.

Also, here. Max Moo doesn't take kindly to people who insult detective stabler.
(No, I am not kicking her or anything, my foot was back there and she was going to BITE IT OFF cause it was close.)

Meet us in CT!!!!

For those of you in the Connecticut, New York, Mass, Rhode Island, etc area...

Ruby and I (along with my in-laws and their brood of three) will be in attendance!

Boston Terrier Club Of
Connecticut Established in 1931
2004 stroll around park
Join us for our annual Grande Boston Terrier Stroll &
Date: July 22, 2007.
Rain Date Aug 5th
Time: 11 am - 3 pm
Place: Harkness Memorial State Park
Waterford, CT
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Autumn 2010

dog bogs.

So, how many of you out there have 'dogs with blogs'? I've heard of the Dogs With Blogs website and I'm wondering how you all got started, what you write about each day and, well, all about your doggy blogs. I would love to post more about Winston, but I'm starting to feel like EVERY one of my personal entries has something to do with him haha. I'm sure he loves it.

Winston & I would very much like to start one, so I'd love to see everyone else's!

Thanks :D

Coming soon -- The Blog of Winnebagoface!
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First I want to say how sorry I am about Sassy..it's not fair at all for us to lose two of our babies within a few days in this community :~(

Genevieve wants me to thanks all of you for all your love and concern not to mention donations.  She cannot read anything yet, nor watch the wonderful tribute video.
I've watched it and I love it but I can't watch it again yet either.  It's just too painful.
She wanted me to make sure though that you all know how much it helps to know
that you're all thinking about her and Michael and Lulubelle.
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Autumn 2010

millennium park.

About a block away from my apartment is a spot called Millennium Park, made for the year 2000 with monuments and walkways and ponds... there's a dock with ducklets and a little cafe that's just open in the summertime. We love it there.

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I'm off to do a photo shoot with my friend and her Border Collie. Have a great afternoon everyone!
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A must read for all

I found this today while looking up various dog food reviews...  I'm kind of shocked as this class action lawsuit filed in May of 2007 lists off just about every brand known to man for both cats and dogs!  It is rather scary as they alledge these manufacturers are actually using waste in our pet's foods.  Read on behind the cut...

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Hello everyone...

I've been a member of this community for several years and although I haven't contributed for quite some time, I read about all of your beautiful Bostons regularly. I just wanted to say how amazing I think it is that everyone has pulled together through the losses of this week, its really a beautiful thing. I am so sorry for everyone who is hurting right now, I think about all of this often. I'm proud to be a part of a community that isn't petty, and that truly is tight knit. I am definitely going to make my prescence (and Stokely's!) more visible.

Thanks again for being so caring towards everyone.
Emily & Stokely