July 22nd, 2007

Griffie Puff


Griffin sends a big smile to all those who have suffered such great loss recently. We are very sorry and want you to know our thoughts are with you. Hopefully everyone can smile big again soon!

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Lola sits

Bay Area Folks

I'm in need of some help from local peeps. My husband and I are traveling to Paris at the end of next month, and I need some boarding recommendations for Lola.

Here's my issue.

She has a severe bee allergy, so I need someplace that will heavily supervise outdoor time. (Which is a must, because I can't imagine my poor baby stuck in a kennel for 10 days.)

Does anyone have any ideas? I've called a few places, but nothing that has worked out so far.

Does anyone have any recommendations? (We're in Concord)

Thanks, I appreciate all your help!