July 24th, 2007

Kermit's Hello

I've posted a few comments and an entry in here but never posted pictures of my Kermit.
Thought it was about time I introduced him.

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His birthday is coming up and he'll be 2 on the 31st! I'm breaking out the party hats and perhaps a dog friendly cake.

Kermit also has a Dogbook, if anyone is interested =D
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new photos of benton in orange county

Here are some photos. I have a funny video i need to upload to youtube as well. We were cleaning the house, and i tossed a piece of pizza into a big shopping bag that i was about to take to the trash. i got sidetracked, and i noticed that benton wasnt in the room. i snuck in the kitchen and is attempting to get the piece of pizza out of the bag!!!

this is my new favorite photo of him!

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teaching an "off" command

You guys were so helpful last week with getting my dog to respond to my calls (she now comes enthusiastically every time!) than I’m coming to you with my next obedience question. 


Oreo is a Boston, and while we love having her sit in our laps, she can’t seem to do it without licking our faces incessantly.  I know it’s a sign of affection, so I don’t so much want to stop that as action of lunging up to start licking.  I’ve tried redirecting her attention, but it’s short lived if it works at all.  She is SO focused on giving kisses, than nothing short of tossing her on the ground works.  So, I guess my question is how best to teach her an “off” command for something like that?



Hi everyone -

I'm seriously considering a move from Arizona to the twin cities area in Minnesota. How many of you guys are in the twin cities?

How do your bostons handle the weather? Coming from a really dry, hot climate, I'm worried that Bella would be in total shock of it all.

also, away from doggie-ness, i've heard that MN folks can seem pretty unwelcoming to those they haven't known their whole lives. Any advice in that realm?