August 8th, 2007

Swollen Bump

About 2 days ago I noticed Kermit had a swollen bump on his anus that caused the entire area to become swollen. I cleaned it up with with water and the next morning the swelling did somewhat go down as the surrounding area was not swollen anymore, but he still has the bump. The bump has yellow puss and a hole or dent in the middle where it's coming out.

We do have a cat that is not declawed and they often play rough and Kermit does get scratches, I was thinking maybe the cat got a little stuck on his butt and now he has a wound? I've been keeping on eye on it and he doesn't seem to be bothered by his bump. He did lick it a couple of times but only after I clean it. He sits down just fine and doesn't cry when I touch it.

Anyone know what it could possibly be?
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Lulu's Brother

I emailed some of the people that bought puppies from Terrie Swanson. (Lulu's evil breeder.)  This is what I said

Hi there everyone. I wanted to warn you all of what happened to me because of Terrie Swanson. I pray to god that none of you are having any problems with your babies. Lulu was born with the litter your pups were born in. June 23rd 2005.
July 19th she died of Chronic Renal Failure because she was born with a major birth defect. She basically had no kidneys. We of course had no idea anything was wrong until July 6th. All of a sudden she looked really skinny and stopped eating. I took her to the vet July 6th. They did bloodwork and called me that evening saying I needed to rush her there immediately so they could hook her to an IV to flush out her system.
They didn't know what had caused her kidney's to fail. She was on an IV for about 3 days when they finally did an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed her kidneys so severly deformed they looked nothing like kidneys at all. The internal medicine dr said it was the worst ultrasound images he had seen in a very long time. We kept her in the vet for a week hooked to an iv. Praying her numbers would go down but they never did.
We took her home and she lasted 5 days. In the end she could no longer walk or control her bowel movements. It was the most horrible thing that has ever happened to me. The vet told us it was 100% HEREDITARY.
I called Terrie to tell her what happened and when I did she hung up on me. Im sure she is still breeding puppies and doesnt care at all that some will come out like poor Lulu. They say dogs born like Lulu dont last more than 2 years. She made is 2 years and not even one month. She was my everything. I loved her SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH. She was like my daughter. I cry my eyes out every single day and im doing so right now writing this email to you.
I contacted you all awhile back letting you know Lulu had mange.. another hereditary affect of bad breeding. So if you have the time I would love to know that your babies are ok.
Since we got Lulu at 6 weeks old she always peed a lot, had slightly smelly breath, her pee was clear. i told every vet this but they didnt realize those were the symptoms of kidney failure until the very end :(
PS You can see a bunch of pics of her here
Unfortunately not all the email addresses worked....

So far one family wrote back and they attached a pic of Lulu's brother. ISN'T HE SO CUTE!!!!!!????!!! 

They said they have not had any problems with Spike thank you God. They also said Terrie gave them Spike when he was 4 weeks old.. that right there shows you the kind of idiot breeder she is!!!!! God I hate her guts. 

Rebecca I really really really want to see more Delilah pics!! (Lulu's sister)
I would love to see pics of her brothers and sisters!!
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Lola & Maple Update

*Turn on volume*
Maple always disappears and tucks herself in. Her favorite is the bathroom on the towel outside of the shower. And she newly discovered blankets folded in my closet.

The girls love eachother. Lola is so excited to be a big sister. They get kinda rough, but they are dogs so I guess its how it goes.
But I always catch them sleeping together in Lola's crate. so cute!!

Serious face.

Goofy face.
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