August 16th, 2007


Potty Training an older dog

Hello, Can anyone give me any advice on potty training an older dog, or tell me if you think it's even possible.  So far everyone thinks I'm crazy, but we just found a 16 month old boston that needs to be adopted, but he isn't potty all.  I have a weeks vacation coming up that I figured would be a good time to get him since I will be at home to take him out and what not.  But at 16 months has it gone too it going to take forever? Once my vacation is over I will be working 9-4 and can sometimes go home at lunch to let him out.  He also isn't neutered - do you think that would make a difference? TIA


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Hey everyone,
I am a newbie to this community. My sister has a Boston terrier that is one year old. He is so cute, but very hyper when it comes to meeting people. His name is Rusty. But my boyfriend nick named him "fathead" cause his head is fatter then the rest of his body. Plus the name sticks when she calls him that. Is it normal for these types of dogs to be hyper active? Or will he grow out of it when he gets older.
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We went to a Boston Terrier meet-up last weekend and Baxter & Bailey had so much fun (ok, and so did my husband & I!) There were 11 BT's total I think.

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Bailey will be 4 months on Saturday! Its crazy how much she's grown :) And Baxter really is the model big brother- protective, but still likes to beat her up & take her toys!