August 23rd, 2007

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Baxter & Bailey

I think Baxter has kennel cough. It was a nice 3 weeks or so with 2 healthy dogs, I knew I shouldn't have gotten used to it! Hopefully Bailey won't catch it *fingers crossed* her vaccine was given a few weeks ago, while Baxter's was last November. Then again, who knows what strain this is...

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Scardie Pup

Does anyone else have a dog that is afraid of thunder?

We had a huge thunderstorm pass over us early this morning and Gambit woke up around 6:30 am just cowering in fear. He was shaking really violently, at first I thought he was sick again. He was whining and shaking and kept trying to burrow himself under my pillows. It was so sad!

But, since he was wide awake and it had been about 7 hours, I took him out to the backyard for a potty break. I didn't want him to shake himself into a "wet the bed" moment. He went pee but refused to do anything else, and just howled in the rain. I took him in and rubbed him dry and gave him a treat but he was just so scared of the rain. I've never seen him this scared of anything, I guess living in the house, we are more open than in the apartment, and the window was open so it was very very loud as the storm passed over.

My mom said if Gambit gets the shakes I should just tell him everything is fine and leave him alone, because she says making a fuss can only make it worse, and he'll learn to do it every time he gets startled. But it breaks my heart to see him cowering and wailing like a little lost baby, and I had to give him a billion hugs and kisses and tummy rubs.

Is my mom right, or am I? I don't want him to learn to be scared of loud noises, but how do you resist a scared little pup?
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Napoleon picked up a toad tonight on our walk and started foaming at the mouth. We brought him home and quickly rinsed out his mouth. He is acting fine and I called the vet but they couldn't give me any good answers because we did not catch the toad. Anyone else have this experience? Thanks