August 29th, 2007

  • thearas

My extended family!

Here are some pics of the OTHER bostons in my life! 
My Mom's dog Luna got the dry lip thing where they stick up real funny!

And I just happened to have the camera handy!

This is my sis's bostons both girls Basil Bee on the left and Tansy Belle on the left!

Luna is basil's mommy and basil is tansy's mommy! 

This is Patches, my boyfriend's boston and Tansy's daddy:

See the family resemblence?

Oregano (My mom's other dog) And Francine (My baby) Are Luna's Children as well. I want to get a pic of everyone but getting them to all sit together and hold still long enough for a picture is a whole big deal! I dont' know if it will ever happen, but i am gonna try :)
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