August 30th, 2007

corset layingdwn

The girls are hams

I have apparently been a video junkie lately cause Ive been recording the girls like crazy.
Here are some new videos of Lola Von B and Ms. Maple Syrup.
Also, maple just got her big girl name tag. To go with her new big girl harness and collar. She is growing so fast.

I wish I could slow this down to see Lola attack the camera better. But it cracks me up, so watch for her attack.

My little ballerinas
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These bostons are in need of a home! The puppy store decided they were too old to sell, so they gave them away. If you're interested, please contact that woman!!

I know the members of this community would be good candidates as owners, as the AZ residents that I know of are very passionate and loving to their bostons.

I want to see to it personally that these pups get a forever home!!

If no one else will take them, I may take one. I just can't let this happen!!!

not a good day

5 weeks ago or so we noticed Sky's face was swollen... (sort of the canine equivalent of his general left maxilary sinus area)  spent a few days thinking maybe he'd gotten stung or bit so mom gave him some baby benedryl nothign happened so after a week he went to see the dr.... they said he had an abcessed tooth..

2 days later he went in and had it pulled..Dr said it was a was his left canine...they left a hole for it to drain... and to give him saline drops and run a humidifier.. and he was on antiboitics since the initial trip in... by the middle of the next week the swellign still hadn't gone down... so back in and they decide to take x-rays .. they see pockets of infection and decide to put a physical drain in...and change the anit-biotics.... still nothing... after 3 more trips to get the drain removed they finally pulled it out today...   the only way to clean what ever it is out which they are now fairly sure is a mass is to remove his eye.. his face is so swollen that his nose is starting to become obscured ont he left side.  :-\

we're letting it go until it is causing him obvious discomfort and then letting him go.   I'd rather we did it sooner then later... bedcasue i think for him to show obvious pain it would have to be nasty... he's always seemed to have had a high pain threshold.

i've had that fuzzy bugger since before he was 6 weeks old...  i dont' want to let him go

edtied to add: They'd be removing his eye just to get to the mass, it is likely imbedded in the bone and it might be in his cranial cavitiy as well  He's 11, there's no money for surgery.  And we've agreed that he's too old and sweet to end up disfigured and likely dying anyway.

I hate this