August 31st, 2007


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Hello again everyone. I joined a week or two ago and posted some pictures of my Boston, Chopper, but I didn't really give an introduction, so heres a short one... So my name is Autumn and I am 18. On Christmas eve 3 years ago my parents went to my Grandpas house and said they were picking up some presents for me and my two brothers. They came home an hour later with a baby Boston! So Chopper is 3 years old and I love him more than anything. He sleeps half the day and runs around the other half. He sleeps just about everywhere and anywhere although he prefers to sleep with people curled up next to you. He snores louder than anyone I've ever heard, and he sneezes alot when he gets excited. He does alot of other weird things too. I've never known anyone else with a Boston, so I thought we just had an utterly insane dog, but I'm begining to learn that its not just him, and its all Bostons! Anyways, Collapse )

P-U! :P

I have a question that I don't know if anyone can answer it but I will post it anyways. My sister has a Boston Terrier and he has really bad gas, and she doesn't know how to get rid of it. What can she do? She has been feeding him Science Diet dog food. Could it be just the dog food or just her? (just kidding on the part about her.)