September 1st, 2007



First  off...thank you to everyone with advice and virtual hugs and puppy kisses in regards to Sky.

Here's the thing... they don't really know what the problem is... removing his eye is the way they might figure out what the issue is... the mass seems to be in in sinus and is seemingly encroaching into the orbital cavity and possibly into the cranial cavity.  It is his doctor's that advised against surgery.  They said it would be horribly painful and he's had major issues with anesthesia the last few times h's gotten any.  His liver is starting to go and they feel that more anesthesia will not be a good thing.   They feel that its time to let him go..  I trust them, they're have been situations prior where they pushed for treatments we felt we didnt' wanted to put him through.   I feel they'd push again if they felt it would do any good.   So we're giving him some more time and going from there.  He's already starting to look visibly worse again.  His face is swollen and his nose is starting to look squashed.   If he's up and moving around he's fine, if he's laying on his tummy he's fine but if he lies on his side he has a great deal of trouble breathing.
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Some fun time

I took some pictures the other day of the girls while Patches was visiting. I thought i would put some up here for you all to enjoy!

Everyone is sleeping from playing all over my bed and messing the blankets up! They made their bed so now they're layin in it!

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I've been stalking this community for a while and am still in the process of finding my own boston terrier. Yesterday I made a mistake of the heartstring variety and walked in a pet shop. I felt like this was the only community that would understand my emotional reaction to it! They had not one but two bostons. I'll go ahead and say that I did not get one, but I've been so upset since I went. I've never liked the idea of buying from a petshop. I keep trying to rationalize with myself that even if I save this one it'll just be another open spot for a new puppy mill dog to come in. I did ask the worker if he would let me see her. I went in the 'socializing' area with her and she seemed so happy to be getting attention. She was giving me kissies and curling up on my lap. My hubby even said she was giving that little boston smile when I was rubbing her stomach. I could tell she probably has kennel cough. She was hacking and sniffly. It made me sick to have to give her back to them to put in her tiny display case. I wanted to run her to the vet and bring her home with me. They're even having some 'back to school sale' at the petshop which upsets me. She's like $770 dollars to buy. I went back in again today in hopes to see that somebody had bought her (it was really crowded yesterday) but she was sleeping in her cage. There's also a brown one and I overheard one of the workers telling a woman that it was being treated for something and isn't even allowed to be let out for petting for a week. I was thinking about that puppy all night last night and actually started crying on the way home. I took two pictures of her sleeping today I wish I'd gotten some of her playing with us yesterday. Alright sorry for filling your friends page with my babbling but this was the only place I could think to vent about it!! =(

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