September 3rd, 2007

doctor who: amy srs

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Well I spent half my night last night emailing back and forth with a breeder here in Florida. Then more time convincing my husband that 1.5 hrs is not that far to go for a dog hah. I know I just posted about my sad pet shop experience the other day but I'm really excited and wanted to share. If it makes any sense this feels so much more 'right'. I love that both her parents are on site so I can see their temperament/looks. I wish we could go see her today but we have to pay a pet deposit to our apartment before we get a dog. So we're paying the breeder a deposit to hold her until Saturday when we can go. Eeep! We're going to shop for puppy supplies sometime this week.

Update 9/4: Sent off the deposit for her today! I think we're going with Capella for her name. I'm so excited the next three days need to fly.

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