September 17th, 2007

  • kelliee

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ramzi died this morning. he was almost three.

he was totally fine earlier yesterday and he started throwing up last night. my mom took him to the emergency vet and they said he was dehydrated, gave him some fluids and an anti nausea shot. and she brought him home. she was going to take him to the vet at 8 this morning, but he died before it happened. she and my dad were with him when he died around 7. i was asleep, but even in my slumber i must have known something was wrong. i just didnt feel right when i woke up.

i dont know what happened. dogs don't just die from throwing up...? i hope my parents get an autopsy to find out what went wrong. i never thought that this would happen. he was my first boston terrier. my first puppy.

dont worry ram bone, dublin will take care of rylie for you. i can tell that your sister misses you because she keeps looking at you and running outside like she wants you to chase her... like you always did.

i'm sorry that you suffered my sweet little boy. i love you and i miss you ramzi. life wont be the same without you.

he was the main picture for march on the 2006 calendar.

despite the matter of factness of this post, i'm so depressed right now. i cant stop bawling my eyes out, so i dont think i'm going to go to school today. i still cant believe it.

too many of our babies are dying this year.