October 4th, 2007

Stella Bella Blue - puppy 001 (7.5 weeks

Stella Bella Blue

Whenever Stella Bella Blue hears words like "cookie", or "treat", or "bone"... or hears something she does not hear normally, like a whisper... or humming... etc. etc. etc. this is the expression I get.

I am sure that most of your Boston Buddies do the same! :D


More of Stella Bella Blue... here.

Happy Thursday!
:) Nancy
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I love my Boston

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So, there is an add in the local Weekly Want Ads. There are Boston Terrier puppies for free in the Thibodeaux. I know most of you are far away from Louisiana, but if anyone is interested in the #, please let me know.

I'd hate for them to get into the wrong hands, like someone that'd abuse them or keep them outside, etc.. I was going to call the # and see about them, but I can't get another Boston right now, moving over 24 hours away soon.

Edit: Seems as if the puppies have been gone for a little while now.