October 12th, 2007

Sick boy

Hey guys, long time reader, first time poster. My little guy is Oz. He's made a few guest appearances on Niko & Bentley's blog for those of you who follow that. One of these days I'll post some pictures and introduce him the right way.

Oz hasn't been regular the past two weeks. Usually he does his business 15 mintues after eating but I haven't even seen him do it this whole time. When he wakes up in the morning his stomach rumbles really bad and he doesn't eat his food right away (this coming from a dog who wakes me up to eat). I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this sort of thing. I have a vet appointment scheduled for next week but I'm weighing my options of taking him to a medical center sooner. My worst fear is he got into something while I was at work and can't pass it. I've felt his stomach though and it isn't hard which I assume would be the symtoms of that. If anyone has any advice that would help calm me down I'd appreciate it so much.

Thanks, kelley

Ninja & Amelie Update.

It seems for the past day or two Ninja has had problems jumping up onto the couch or onto my bed, which he normally has no problem doing. And yesterday it seemed like it got worse, he couldn’t jump on my bed at all, and he would scream when I picked him up or touched his back left hip. He wouldn’t come to me when I called, and instead chose to lie on his bed and sleep continuously. Naturally I called the vet and made an apt ASAP. I had to make an appointment with a new vet as we moved to a new part of town and the old vet is about an hour away. However, when I walked into the vet’s office I can say I felt at home and so did Ninja. The staff was absolutely amazing. They came running to greet Ninja, played with him for a good ten minutes before they put him on the scale, they gave him treats (and asked me first if it was ok to do so), and just overall made him feel at such ease. It was such a shock to me as most staffs at vet’s office are not always the friendliest. The vet herself was a young doctor but boy was she thorough. I find that the older doctors have been doing it for so long, they may have more experience, but they are very quick with their examination and don’t seem to care as much anymore. This vet checked very lumbar in his back, did a thorough deep tissue assessment, stretched his back legs and checked every muscle and bone in his body. Let’s just say I am definitely sticking with this vet and am so happy they are only 5 minutes away from my house.

Needless to say she didn’t find anything wrong with him and he was back to his normal self at the vet, when I came back home he seemed to be normal as well. He is on a medication though, which like she said, could be masking the pain he is feeling which is why he might be acting normal again. I am going to keep a close eye on him and make sure everything is ok. I would hate for my little boy to have any problems.

The vet staff gave him this adorable bandana that totally matched his attire already. I took a few pictures of him in his new bandana with my phone, so sorry if the quality sucks. Fall is so beautiful. The tag on the bandana says “St.Vital vet loves your pet” it’s so cute.
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These are kinda old, from July. But I’m including a few pictures of ninja and Amelie in their wading pool in the summer. Ninja loved it, he would lie in there for 30 minutes and just enjoy the weather and the water. What a brat.
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All these pictures are taken with my cellphone so excuse the bad quality. I just figured it was about time I put an update on Amelie and Ninja, it’s been awhile.
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the end.
boston terrier cute

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Do you take their collars off.. or leave them on?

I take their collars off. They are only wearing them when they go somewhere or are being walked. I have this weird fear that if I leave their collars on they will get it caught on something and choke to death...

But this morning made me think differently. I was heading down the stairs of my apt complex into the parking garage when I see a neighbors dog come running down the stairs and into the parking garage.

I know the dog just from seeing it when they walk him or seeing him on their patio. He is a white German Shepard who isn't very nice. I notice he is shaking and scared and his owner isn't anywhere in site... which is so weird because we live in apartments.. it's not like this dog got out of his yard.. (his patio is on the second floor so he didn't escape off that either)

The dog runs out the apartment building door and almost into the road until I remember his name (just from hearing his owner yell at him when he is barking at our dogs) I yell "Harley!!" and he comes to me.. shaking and scared but I won his trust. He was wearing a COLLAR. Therefore I was able to grab ahold of it and take him to his door.. The guy didn't answer so I called the number on his tag.

He didn't answer. I try his door just to see and it was unlocked. So I put Harley inside and locked the door.. The owner called me back... I think he had been home the whole time just asleep... he was sooooooooo thankful but very scared because seriously... how did he get out??

anyways my point is.. if one of my dogs got out (really not possible but i dont think its possible for Harley to get out either) they would have no collar on with no tag for anyone to call.. Yes Hog is microchipped but still...

So do I leave the collars on?? I also notice that when I go do my pet sits (my other job) every dog is wearing a collar.. So does every dog but my own wear collars when their owners aren't home.. i think a lot of people never even take them off..

Sorry this is so long!!

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Boston's Rule

Weird doggers

    Does anyone else have weird dogger brats who does any of the following?:
  • Sits by the door and when you get up and open the door to let him out he lays down for a belly rub and then won't go out?
  • Won't go out when his/her sibling gets let out,,, to the point of you asking while standing at the door with it open and then turning the other way to ignore you, TO THEN go to the door within 2 seconds of you closing it and sitting back down?
  • You have the door open for 2 hours and then close it and within 30 seconds have one of them go sit by the door to go out?
  • Plays musical doors... having one go out, then the other wants to go out and you let him/her out and the other comes in, and then when the other comes in the other goes out?

I think they are trying to tell me I need more exercise.  That, or they are getting back at me for buying these: