November 21st, 2007


Hair regrowth!

I decided to put on the dog's Christmas collars a tad early this year (Nov. 12th to be exact). Of course, since my dog's have quite an active lifestyle, flowers and beads were falling off left and right. So for the past couple days the girls (Mackenzie and April) have been naked so I could hot-glue their collars back together.

In this time I noticed that April's neck hair is finally growing back! When we rescued her from the shelter in March there was NO hair on her neck at all. It was pink and irritated and looked like she had been knifed (not to sound too dramatic) or rope-burned and the skin had healed but the hair just hadn't grown back yet. And since our shelter just makes up the stories of where the dogs come from, we really have no idea what happened to her before she came home.

So now I am pleased to show you April's luscious chest hair!

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