December 3rd, 2007

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It's time to lay down the law. Banjo is 12 weeks now so potty training and obedience has begun. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I'm used to training german shepherds and they catch on quick so I have a feeling more patience is going to be needed. But he's a pretty smart little guy so I'm not going to fall for some of his little antics. I'm really anxious for him to get his big boy shots so he can start going to the bathroom outside. I've been holding him while he watches my german shepherd go to the bathroom so hopefully he's catching on a little bit.

We had a party over the weekend and he had no problems with lots of people in the house. He was more content playing Goldilocks finding the person with just the right chest to nap on.

And since he's still growing I picked up some Halloween clearance costumes to help get him through cold winter days before we invest in nicer sweaters for him.
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My new baby Daemon!

Hello All!

This is my first time posting in this community. I just got Daemon a little over a week ago and I am so in love! I've wanted a Boston for a long time, and now that my husband and I have a dog friendly place and better jobs we figured now was the time to get a new member of our family.

A close friend of my mom has been breeding Bostons for 20 years, so I was able to go and play with the whole litter and make my choice. I thought it would be hard (and if I could have I would have taken more than one) but Daemon stood out.

He turned 9 weeks old on Saturday.

This was taken by my friend Heather the day we got him.

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