December 20th, 2007

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i just wanna say that i LOVE the people we got bella from.
i email them every couple of weeks with pictures and they get so excited
and ask for more pictures when i take them.
im glad they actually care how bellas doing.

oh AND bellas parents are named JACK and MEG WHITE.
straight from the white stripes.
how friggin cute huh ?!

and so this isnt text only !!!
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Big outdoors


Hello.  I'm new.  I adopted my pup four days ago at three months old.  Pure breed.  We took him to the vet two days ago and she said he was healthy.  The hotline said if he is not sneezing, coughing.. the red eyes are usual, but they concern me still.  They are not pink, but very red and watery.  I don't see it nearly as bad in any pictures online.  Is evryone just adjusting the color of their pix?  I'll post pix soon.