December 26th, 2007

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Attention all Boston Lovers! This wonderful but unlucky little guy has had a rough life so far but he's only a year old! He showed up at the shelter we pull dogs from with a bum eye so he came to live with us at RESCUE FARM and the vet said it had to come out! Oh no Joe! He's healing up just fine and we'd appreciate any donations you can spare (we are 501 (c)3 so they are tax deductible) but what Joe really needs is a home! He's the sweetest gentle little boston you've ever seen and he's great with other dogs, cats, and kids. He's a little teddy bear. Please spread the word about him and maybe convince your husband, wife, girfriend, boyfriend, fiance, mom, dad, aunt, grandma, anybody that they need to add a sweet needy boston to their lives!
Joe will forever thank you for it!

Poor Joe before his surgery...
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Here is the link to Joe's page if you're interested in adopting him or donating towards his treatment and recovery.
We are located in Indiana but we will adopt out of state to a good home.

Rescue Farm