January 14th, 2008

  • kelliee

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ugh, look at this poor dog...

she's "3 years old" but looks about 8. her face looks awful, like she has a yeast infection or something. her feet are all stained, probably from wallowing in her own filth. she looks really scared and submissive. someone please get her out of there!

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I plan on getting a puppy when I move out with my boyfriend in a few months. They are wayyy too expensive these days. Is it possible to find a healthy little puppy for like $300-400 these days? I've also looked on pet breeder websites and I can't find too many breeders close to where I live (I live in NW Indiana).

How do you also know if the breeder is good and you will get a healthy puppy? I heard that it's much better to get a puppy from a breeder than a pet shop.


so this is really strange....

any time i go in the bathroom...for ANYTHING....
bella follows me.
she usually jumps in the bath tub and tries to lick what water is left....

HOWEVER, two times now she has peed in there !!!!!!!!
the first time i thought it was kinda funny for some reason...
and then the second time...i started thinking...i hope this doesnt become a habit.

should i punish her for this or WHAT ?!

this is so strange, i know !