January 23rd, 2008

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i hate to be the joykill of the community lately, but let me just say... i hate people! who could let mange get this out of control???



when it was only half as bad as it is now (or even an eighth or a sixteenth!), how could they not realize that maybe, just MAYBE the poor dogs were, i dont know.... suffering?!? and if they couldn't afford to (or didnt want to) help the poor things, that they should have turned them over to someone that could!? sigh...

i wish i had a billion dollars. i'd save them all.
The Boys
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Banjo started out as black and white but the older he gets (he's only 4.5 months) the more I notice brindle coloring coming in. Anyone have any clue if the brindle takes over or if he's just a patchwork kind of guy with black and white and brindle? I've never seen a bt with half brindle half black and white before so I really have no idea why coloring he'll have.

In other news he starts puppy preschool tonight. Now for me to work up the patience for this event....(I'll be taking him in about 30 minutes early to burn off some of his energy).
Autumn 2010

the winston.

Hello friends! Sorry for the lack of Winnebago updates, I'll try to be better, I promise.


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ps. I was at the humane society today & there was a Great Dane. I put my name on the list in case his parents don't show up to claim him. He is gorgeous. The man working in the office made it seem as though he didn't think the dog's owner was going to come. I can't believe someone would let this dog out of their life, but maybe it's just a blessing for me (and Winston!). I'll keep you posted on this one.
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