January 30th, 2008

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a boston coat

This is a little sweater that I made for Porsche since the temperature has been down to -48° with the windchill. I think that's -54° for my American friends. Very cold.

I tried to make this from a pattern I have for toy dogs - dogs that are between 2 and 5lbs, not the 25 lbs that Porsche is. I know it looks a funny, but she really likes to wear her coat ;)

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hi there!

Just wanted to give a brief introduction, I'm new to the community! I'm bostiegirl and I have a BT pup named Shamus. He is the absolute love of my life! He will be ten months old Feb 1st. I have tons of pictures of him but not any ready to post so maybe later. For now, just wanted to say Hi!